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Claims Analysis

DMR's Claims Analysis is not the lofty review of "waist-high" documents designed to elicit fear in the adversary. Rather, it is a review of contracts; an assessment of procedures and protocol and, quite simply, an independent review of what should have been vs. what was. All of this analyzed through DMR's lense of construction and formulated in a reporting format that is clear and concise for our clients understanding.

Change Management

Change is a given on every construction project. How that change is managed will determine your profit or loss. DMR can develop Change Order Scopes or Manage and Analyze submitted Change Orders for you; depending on your role within the project arena. During this process, DMR routinely detemines and assesses each party's contractual responsibility relative to change.

Document & Constructability Review

Construction Documents are the basis for communicating the thoughts & ideas of the architect and owner. At times that communication is unclear or misunderstood. DMR's detailed reviews include drawings, specifications examination; cross referencing of trade responsibility as well as contractual responsibilities.

Executive Reporting

Once documents have been reviewed and claims analyzed, DMR provides conclusive reporting in an Executive Format that caters to its final audience. Similar to an estimate, the detailed back-up is available along with a high-level summary outlining the claim, the affected parties and a conclusion.

We work equally well with Lawyers, Owners or Contractors.

 Do not Hastily Bring into Court, for What Will You Do in the End, when your Neighbor puts you to Shame?   

Proverbs 25:8

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