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Retail & Shopping Centers

Memorial City Shopping Mall

During the Acquisitions Analysis phase, numerous iterations were reviewed and cost estimated to determine the viability and profitability of the acquistion of this Houston, TX shopping center. It was detemined that the acquisiton of this property would not meet the Taubman Company's business model and action to acquire this property was discontinued.

Tampa International Plaza

Developed the initial construction cost estimate based on a highly conceptual design for the Tampa International Plaza. The enclosed mall included a unique outdoor dining and entertainment destination space within the design, which required close coordination with the architect to ensure the design concepts were captured within the cost estimate.

Great Lakes Crossing Outlet

A 1.4M sf indoor, Single Story Outtlet Shopping Center located in Auburn Hills, MI. Participated in the Contractor Selection Process and continued periodic on-site reviews during the construction process. This experience served as the initiation into large scale shopping mall developments and the requisite phased contracts that are coordinated between Tenant and General Builder.

Beverly Center

A Food Court renovation, Elevator Upgrade to High-Speed Traction Elevators and Beautification of the Main Entry via the Parking Garage. Working with a former Disney Entertainment Executive, the project took on and developed an entertainment response to the locale and clientele.

Oyster Bay Shopping Center

A 750,000 sf Luxury, High-End Shopping Center in Syosset, NY Long Island; built on a Brownfield Site, the development required exceptional inspection and reporting to develop an engineered solution that would comply with environmental regulations. Those regulations resulted in an unusually high Site Cost relative to the overall cost of the Mall.

Twelve Oaks Shopping Center

Complete change of all Tile work in the main aisle Mall space. This estimate involved phasing and included the vetting and selection of the contractor to install the work.

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